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Start your 360º tour

You can start adding scenes by clicking any of the following asset types:

Begin with whichever scene option works best for your tour.

360º photos or render

These photos will be the main scenes of your model. You can upload all your files once and then linkthem together depending on your project needs.

Any 360º photos will work, however, we recommend using files with a minimum of 6000x3000 pixels of resolution.

Once you upload your 360º photos, set north for each of them.

Example of a 360º photo:

Set North

This functionality allows the user to create a streamlined flow when changing scenes in a project. In each scene, north must be set to where the space's north would be so that all scenes have the same reference, guaranteeing that you feel you are moving in the same direction when changing scenes.

North reference

You can choose any reference of your project to be the project's north. Just make sure that, for every 360º photo you upload, the north reference stays the same.

Google Street View scene

Use this to show the neighborhood of your project using google street view scenes. 

TIP: Google constantly updates its available scenes in order to stay accurate. Be sure to update your projects accordingly.

Dynamic map using an address

Use this to locate your project geographically.

Panorama phone

Use this to add your smartphone photos. Note that these files don’t provide a full sphere view. 

Floor plan

Use this to upload model files and be able to view the whole project.

See also: [360º Builder: Maps and Floor Plans ]

IFC Model

Use this to have your project uploaded and have a spacial view from the whole project.

See also: [ What is the difference between using an IFC file on 360 Builder or CAD project mode? ]

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