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360º tour builder

This is a tool for creating virtual tours using 360° photos and renders. It supports 360° images (jpg from renders or 360° photos), panoramas, Street View, maps, floor plans, and IFC files. Through embedded hotspots, you can also create scene transitions, videos, images, notes, audio, or links.

[ How to work with SuperViz 360º Tour Builder?

[ 360º Builder: Maps and Floor Plans ]


Your login area, where you can access your different workspaces through the left side menu. Your user can own only one workspace, however, you can be part of different workspaces as a member or admin.


The follow function has to be activated by the meeting host but can then be used by any participant in the meeting. When activated the participant who is being followed will be leading the tour. All participants will follow them to their position in the 3D model, but everyone is still free to look around independently.

[ "Follow" participants and "Gather all" functions ]

Gather all

This function can only be activated by the meeting host by clicking on their own webcam. It’s a one-click function that brings all participants to the position and view of the host, so everyone is looking in the same direction.

[ "Follow" participants and "Gather all" functions ]

Go to

Any participant in the meeting can click on any participant’s webcam to jump to the position of this participant in the 3D model. It’s a quick way to find someone inside the 3D model.

[ "Follow" participants and "Gather all" functions ]


Available only for 360º tour builders. Hotspots are an extra layer of content on top of the images (scenes). Through hotspots, a user can create scene transitions, videos, images, notes, audio, or URL links.

[ Adding hotspots on your 360º tour ]


An IFC file is a model file created in the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) format, which is an open file format used by Building Information Modeling (BIM) programs. It contains a model of a building or facility, including spatial elements, materials, and shapes. ( )

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[ What is the difference between using an IFC file on 360 Builder or CAD project mode? ]


These are virtual tags that can be added inside 3D Matterport Virtual Tours to make available additional information and context to specific locations, objects, or features. (For more details access: )


 Members mean the users on your account. Members can be designated as Billing Owner, Admin, or Member. The Billing Owner is the only person who has access to the billing information.

Workspace Hierarchy

Billing Owner



Manage billing info


Add/Remove members to the workspace



Define member role (Admin or Member)



Create/delete projects



Manage project access



View all projects



View designated projects only


Host meetings




Record Meetings





Projects are the virtual spaces you host meetings in. Projects can be created with a Matterport digital twin, a Sketchfab model, a 3D CAD model, or a 360º tour.

Set North

This functionality allows the user to create a streamlined flow when moving through scenes in a 360 project. Each scene must have “north” designated so that they all orient to the same point and make sense with the flow of the space.

[ How to work with SuperViz 360º Tour Builder? ]

Start scene

The Start Scene in a project is the one scene that is displayed to the host and guests every time the project is loaded or a meeting starts on this project. There can only be one Start Scene.

[ Adding scenes ]


This is the organization you are part of, where you can access and manage your projects, members, recordings, settings, and billing information (note that billing information is only accessible to the billing owner).


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