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Chose a format for the scene

You can add 360º images (photos or 3D renders), phone panorama photos, or choose any location in Google Street View as a scene. 

You can add multiple images at once by dragging them into the box once you select 360º Image or Panorama. For 3D Model scenes, you can drag and drop one or more IFC models to the popup window.

    Formats overview

AssetDescriptionRecommended file extensionRecommended sizeRecommended ResolutionComments
360º Photo360º photos are scenes where the meeting will take place, it sets the environmentJPG, PNG< 5MB6000 X 3000px-
360º RenderSame use as 360º photos, but rendered image created in any design or engineer softwareJPG, PNG< 5MB6000 X 3000pxWhen exporting from software look for the SPHERICAL EQUIRECTANGULAR format
Wide Panorama PhotoAlso used for scenes, but does not form the full sphereJPG, PNG-Up to 6000px by 3000px-

Use hotspots to position them on the floor plan

Open the map or floor plan you would like to add a scene link to. Click on the Scenes icon in the upper left corner of the application.

Drag the scene from the side menu directly onto the map or floor plan where you want the scene link to be added, then drop it.

TIP: To remove the scene from the map, click the vertical ellipsis for the scene in the Scene panel and select REMOVE SCENE FROM MAP.

Connect your scenes using hotspots

An arrow or a sphere icon can be added to a scene to show the user how to move to the next scene.

Set north on your scenes

You can choose any reference of your project to orient as north. Just make sure that for every 360 photo you upload, the north orientation stays the same.

Set a start scene | Rename a scene | Delete a scene

Click on the Scenes icon in the upper left corner of the application and the scenes panel will be displayed.

Choose your start scene, click on the 3-dots icon on the upper left of your scene thumbnail and select “Set as start scene,” “Rename” or “Delete.”

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