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First, it's important to understand why would you add members to your workspace.

This usually happens in 2 main situations: 

  1. First, when you have more people on your team that you want to collaborate with and that will also host meetings and/or edit projects with you. This is useful for architecture offices, engineering teams, developers, photographers that work together, and more...
  2. The second most common need to add a member happens for Matterport Service Providers when they want their client to be able to host meetings inside the space that was just delivered so he can use SuperViz as an immersive presentation tool of the space. It's important to mention that if you set your client's license as MEMBER they can only access the projects you allow them to and they are NOT able to see other members in the workspace. 

You can add members to your account whenever you feel to (see your plan details, upgrades may be necessary***). 

Important to say that each seat you have available can be designated to a person that you want to collaborate with or whom you want to allow to host meetings. A member can be removed at any time to free up one of your seats again. Click here to understand better each role.

To add a member, go to the right toolbar and access MEMBERS, and then on the left button "ADD MEMBERS":

Add the emails of the people you want to add to your workspace, click enter, and then NEXT:

You can set the member's permissions (or do it later):


As the workspace Owner or Admin, you can change and update permissions whenever you want to. [ Can I control access to my projects?]

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